P’kolino Lil Sofa Sleeper Review

I received a blue Lil Sofa Sleeper from Pkolino so I could try it and share my thoughts on it.

P’kolino, a Florida-based company which started in 2004, was founded by 2 dads with a passion to improve play at home. They offer fun toys and furnishings, art supplies, decor, etc for children of all ages. You can sneak a peek at their products on the website’s gallery. Of the products displayed in the gallery, I received the P’kolino Lil Sofa Sleeper for review.


The P’kolino Lil Sofa Sleeper is a cozy sofa with fold-out lounge. If you have little ones that love to read, this is a perfect sofa for them! They can sit on it while reading or fold it out so they can lay on it to relax or maybe read with mom and dad. It uses a stain-resistant fabric and has book pockets on the side. It currently retails for $110.00 on the site and is available in blue, green, orange, and red. It’s great for letting the kids sit back and relax on them, as it gives you enough space to then curl up on your sofa and watch the tv on something like this gloss tv unit.

My little one Sam has loved sitting and lounging on this sofa the moment I took it out of its box. I’m not sure if it’s evident in the photos I took here but the fabric used is very smooth so I guess Sam is comfortable with the feel of the fabric against his skin when he sits on it. There was even a time that he fell asleep in it as you can see in the photo below. He fell asleep after I read him a book.

But don’t be deceived by its smoothness. The sides are actually very sturdy. So sturdy that Sam and his friend Kris Paul would sometimes step on it when they want to reach for something on the table beside it. I expected that the side would bend because of their weight but surprisingly, it didn’t.

Pkolino Lil Sofa Sleeper on Bay Area Mommy Pkolino Lil Sofa Sleeper on Bay Area Mommy
I can say that it’s very easy to fold it out so it transforms into a sleeper because Sam can already do it by himself. He would fold it out when he wants to lay on it or just have a bigger space for when he plays. He can also easily put it back but it did take him some time to figure out the correct way of putting it back into a sofa. All in all, I would say this is a great gift idea for the little ones in your life. It’s most suitable for kids ages 2 and up but even kids a bit younger than that (or even a lot older than that — say, 28 years older) would still love it!

Here’s a photo of Sam lounging on the sofa while watching some TV.

BUY IT! You can purchase the Pkolino Lil Sofa Sleeper at $110 at the Pkolino website or on Amazon.com.

WIN IT! P’kolino has graciously agreed to give 1 lucky Bay Area Mommy reader a Lil Sofa Sleeper in the color of your choice! Just come back tomorrow (or later tonight at 9pm PST) to enter the giveaway as part of the Holiday Turkey Hunt Giveaway Hop!

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P’kolino Lil Sofa Sleeper Review — 59 Comments

  1. I have been looking for one of these that is not the junky ones that they have at Toys R Us. Thanks!

  2. this little sofa is really great. wish they’d made these when my kids were little. very cool. i’ll have to keep this in mind, for future grandkids. thank you for sharing. 😀

  3. This sofa sleeper is be the perfect gift for my niece. I love how the arm rest stays up like that even if you’re resting your head on it.

  4. This would make such a great addition to our living room for my grandsons to use! They would love it and it looks so soft and comfortable!

  5. This looks nice. My boys are always sitting/laying on the floor and are always making forts, this would be perfect for them!

  6. Wow, looks comfortable laying down watching tv, lol, too cute. The grand-kids would love this when visiting mee-maws house!

  7. This is such a great little sofa for kids.I love how it also turns into a bed.My son likes sleeping on the couch so Iam looking into buying this so maybe he will like this. Thank you for the review because without it I would have never knew about this .Great review also

  8. besides kids using this, my older springer would love this to sleep on since she can’t always jump to higher surfaces anymore

  9. I was wondering how sturdy this would be…but if you say that they can walk on it…lol..that helps me make up my mind!

  10. This is great for unexpected sleep overs. It is also nice for when I babysit the grandkids and they fall asleep I dont have to worry about them falling out of bed. Easy to lift and fun for the kids to lay on and watch TV too.

  11. This is just perfect for the little ones…for reading, sleeping and just being comfy in the family room. I love it! Sturdy also..awesome!

  12. love this! and love that the sides are sturdy…this would be perfect in my daughters play room!

  13. Really nice and comfortable looking. Look they are rugged too
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  14. Seems to be very sturdy and that would last so much longer than the ones I’ve seen in the department stores. I’ve been looking a different ones cause it would be nice to have for my grandsons to sleep on and lay around on.

  15. This would be great for me. My Grandchildren like to spend the night, and if I have more then one at a time, I dont have a bed for them. I would with this.

  16. This is so nice. I love that it is stain resistant. It is nice that they can use it as a sofa or an area to rest. Thank you so much for sharing this

  17. I really like this idea. It does look sturdy and comfy. I love that it is easy to operate. The price is not bad either. Thank you so much for sharing this