Payless ShoeSource Fioni Dress Boots Review

Payless ShoeSource Fioni Dress Boots Review

The days are getting colder and colder as it always does this time of the year. Though it doesn’t really snow on this part of California, it could get really chilly at times. And with the colder season comes the need for warmer clothing and shoes so I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to try out one of the dress boots offered by Payless ShoeSource.

Payless ShoeSource is one of the leading footwear retailers in the US and they offer quality shoes and accessories at very affordable prices.  They have a wide range of styles that cater everyone in the family whether it be formal, casual or athletic. What I really love about Payless is that they seem to have figured out what customers need. Since I have big calves, I can’t just shop anywhere for tall boots and I hate it when I see a really beautiful pair and not be able to buy it just because I can’t zip it up! But my experience so far with Payless is great because they usually offer even the larger sizes.

Payless ShoeSource Fioni Dress Boots

I received the Fioni Women’s Roxanne Dress Boots from Payless.

I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of tall black leather boots with heels. I wanted something that looks a bit classy so I could use it on Sundays at church. And I think the Roxanne Dress Boots fits the bill! This Fioni boots made of faux leather, has 4-inch heels, almond toe and cute button detail. It has side zippers so it’s very easy to put it on and take it off.

I used it the first time at church about 2 weeks ago when the members of the Worship Music Team had a photoshoot. It’s just too bad because they didn’t take full-body shots! LOL! It’s all good though because the heels helped me get into a better posture and posing for the photos.

Payless ShoeSource Fioni Dress Boots

The boots were very comfortable to wear. I didn’t get any red marks on my feet or legs which means it fits me very well. I used them again last Sunday at our church’s anniversary. I was wearing these from 8:45am till about 3pm and I had to stand onstage for about 20 minutes. But when we got home, there were no red marks on my feet that would indicate that it was uncomfortable. I was tired, yes. And my feet were tired, but that was because of the busy-ness of the event and because I did a lot of walking around and standing.

All in all, I could say this pair is one of my favorites. First, because it’s the style of boots that I’ve been wanting to buy. Second, because they feel good on my feet. And third, because I feel pretty in them — and that’s what matters the most!

BUY IT! You can purchase the Fioni Roxanne Dress Boots at for $59.99.

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  1. I love Payless shoes. I buy all my granddaughters shoes there. They always have a great selection.

  2. I have been wanting to get a pair of boots like these. I have issues with not being able to get them zipped up over the calf so I havent wore boots in forever. These are soo cute!!

  3. I’m shocked that these are comfortable! That’s great! I’ve been looking for a pair of heeled black boots. I need to go try these on.

  4. These are super cute, and I’m so glad that you mentioned the amount of time you were on your feet in them, combined with the 4 in heels…if you still felt great, they are definitely worth looking into!

  5. I love your boots! They are so stylish! I wish I could wear heels. I have bad hips (and I’m only 27) so I have to stick to either flats, a low heel, or a very chunky heel (to give me lots of stability and support).

  6. I am very careful about my purchases at Payless. I find that it’s harder to find a decent pair of shoes/sneakers because there is fewer options for people who have larger feet. I usually wear 9 1/2 or a size 10.

  7. Those are some really cute boots you got there. We have bought many shoes and boots from payless and their prices can’t be beat

  8. Do you know the lot number for the Fioni Roxanne boots? It should be inside the boot. Please?

  9. Those boots are a bit odd. It looks like the calf of them is bigger than my thigh. I’ve got bird legs, there’s no way I could wear those.

  10. I’m always looking for a warm winter boot.Most that I see at the store are more for show, not warmth. Who wants to wear an unlined, high heeled boot in the snow and ice?