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I think my problem with whiteheads started when I had my first facial. My cousin who’s a dermatologist told me before that she didn’t want to give me a facial because she didn’t want to “ruin” my skin. According to her, once you get a facial, you’ll have to do it regularly because it opens up your pores. Que panic! I’m kidding of course. In fact, the key reaction in this situation is to be calm and chilled. An RF skin regimen is one of the ways to overcome the issues relating to these pains in the a…

I didn’t really think much about it because, back then, all I wanted was to get pampered and get the treatment that most celebrities get. So I went to a spa to get a facial. Now I realize that I should have listened to my cousin. I never really went to get a facial regularly. It was more of a one time thing for me and that probably was why I’ve had whiteheads ever since. Thank God I don’t get blackheads which are more obvious but whiteheads can still be obvious when there’s just too many of them.

So when I had the opportunity to try out the Vivant Skincare regimen, I was excited and hopeful that I would finally say byebye to my whitehead nightmare! I received 6 products that the people at Vivant recommended for my situation: Spin Trap® Antioxidant Serum, Totaloe, Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash, Buffing Grains, 3% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Toner and Day Treatment Lotion SPF 15.

Vivant Skincare has been in the business for over 40 years. They provide medically-proven skin care solutions and they say that their products were inspired by their Lead Consultant’s “personal struggle with acne”. Now they formulate products that treat conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation and aged skin.

I had to use Vivant on my skin twice a day. Every morning, I need to cleanse my face using the Buffing Grains, follow it up with the 3-in-1 Toner, apply some of the Antioxidant Serum and the Day Treatment Lotion. Every night, I need to wash my face with the 3-in-1 Wash, swab some of the Toner, apply the Antioxidant Serum once again, then finish it up with the Totaloe Treatment. I didn’t use the Toner twice a day until after 2 weeks. This was Vivant’s recommendation so my skin can get used it first.

Now I’m not really someone who can keep up with having routines. For some reason, I either keep forgetting to cleanse my face and apply products or I’m just too lazy to do it. But all that changed within the first few weeks of trying out Vivant’s products. Not even a week has passed but I already saw a difference in my skin. My pores feel tighter and I feel like there’s significantly less whiteheads!

I have now been using Vivant for almost 3 months and I’m loving it! I love it too much that I told my husband to try it since he wasn’t having much luck with Proactiv. Please note that my husband’s skin is bad (I hope he doesn’t read this!). It’s dry, it has “craters” and he gets pimples every so often. He’s used Proactiv and Clinique before but he just didn’t like both. So he went ahead and tried the Vivant products I’m using and after just a few days of using it, he told me he’s loving it!

So now there are 2 of us using Vivant products. We already ran out of the Toner and the Antioxidant Serum so we had to go ahead and buy. And you know what, this is the first time I’ve decided to purchase more of something I’ve reviewed — which I think is a testament to how good and effective these Vivant products are. Here’s a photo of the empty bottles and the new ones that just arrived.

I’d have to admit that I’m really using up as little as I can everyday because I want to make sure that they last a couple of months (yes, I’m cheap! LOL) so I won’t have to buy as often. But yes, I love this regimen and would probably be sticking with it since we know we’re getting great value for our money. And if you are (or someone you know is) having skin/acne problems, try checking out Vivant. I would suggest using the contact form and letting them know about your skin problem so they can recommend the best regimen for you. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

BUY IT! Vivant Skincare products are available for purchase directly from VIVANT SITE. You may also purchase from other online retailers like Amazon and DermStore.


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  1. This looks like it would be really good for my skin. It goes between really dry and really oily. I have yet to find something that actually works to cleanse my skin without making it too dry or too oily!!

  2. Wow,I never would have thought that facials could cause breakouts! I guess is you think about it, it does make sense.

  3. Thank you for this review, I have a similar problem. Although I have a white head problem on my arms, face and sometimes my legs so if I could use this or another of their products on other parts of my body it would be awesome. I will have to try to give Vivant a try.
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  4. This review was very informative. My daughter has a similiar problem with whiteheads on her arms and legs. I will definitely give Vivant a try.

  5. Wow love the review you gave about it, I will have to give it a try. Thank you, hope it does just as good for me! *fingers crossed*

  6. Wow this product is worth a shot because my skin is combo of oily and dry and hard to find something that works

  7. proactive didnt work for me either, maybe i should try this! My 8 year old girl is starting to get whitehead/blackheads, so we both could benefit from it. thanks for the great review!

  8. I love your review on these products and I would love to try the Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 serum. I have pigmentation on my face from the sun and I think this could really help me! Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the info. I have never heard of this company before and I cannot wait to try them myself!

  10. I, like your husband, had no luck with proactiv. This sounds like a great option. Thanks

  11. I would love to try their products on my sun spots and wrinkles. Glad it is working for you

  12. Thank you for the review. I had never thought about some of the things mentioned. These products look like something that would do my skin some good.

  13. My problem is my pores are big and at almost 50 I still get whiteheads! I hate it! I haven’t found anything that REALLY works for me. I’ve tried ALMOST everything. The best that I found is Neutragena products but it really doesn’t have the desired effect that I want. Thanks for the review =D

  14. Tired of the ridiculously number of skincare products i have (and brands) – I would love to have something that works AND has everything you need in the line!

  15. Wow love to try some of their products for my mature skin especially Exfol-A™ Forté (Level III).:)

  16. It’s great to know that the products really do what they say they do, and that you see results so quickly. Thanks for the informative review 🙂

  17. I never knew that facials could make your skin worse if you don’t get them regularly! Makes complete sense. I have yet to find a good skin care system for my adult acne, so I’d be ecstatic to try these products!

  18. thanks for this great review… its hard to come across got quality facial products and this review was informative

  19. I have been searching for different skin care routines and I think I will be giving this one a try!

  20. Wow! This sounds like exactly what I need to get for both my daughter and myself! We have tried a whole myriad of products promising to deliver the soft, healthy, glowing and vibrant skin we desire, but all to no avail. We’ve been disappointed time and time again. Would love to try a new skin care regimen which actually delivers what it promises! Thanks for the informative review!

  21. Thanks for your testing and review. This product sounds like a definite, not too complicated, system for complete skin care.

  22. I really should start a healthy skin regime and these look like great products to use. It seems in my older age that my skin has gone completely dry and I am more susceptible to breakouts during different seasons. So I really need to start being more proactive, instead of reactive in my skin care.

  23. Thanks for this review. I would love to try this. I have had issues with skin care regimens I have tried. My skin either breaks out or drys up. These products seem awesome though 🙂

  24. thank you for the great review i really want to try this my skin seems to change alot as i get older and if i am under stress … seems like these products are awesome

  25. thank you for the review .. these products sound amazing .. they will surely help people with skin problems

  26. I’ve never found anything that made my skin feel really clean and healthy and glowing. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try one more thing….

  27. This product line looks like something I’d love to try. As I age, I’m always looking for new products to keep the wrinkles at bay.

  28. Would love to try this. I am prone to adult acne so I always have to wear make up. I have tried so many products and nothing works for me.

  29. It’s good to know that you would buy it again. Thanks for the review…I’m going to try it!

  30. Wow you gave a great review.I would like to save time and money and use these products myself instead of going to a spa.. wish I could make a $ sign when Iwrite the word spa.. will definitely save some money

  31. This sounds like I would love it. & I looked and believe they have a product for blotchiness. I am going to have to find out. Thank you.

  32. Thank you for the review I can’t even tell you how much Ive spent over the years always looking for the one that’s going to keep me looking the youngest for the longest it would be nice if I didn’t care like some others but I care alot I am going to be 50 in January luckily I don’t look my age but I also tell my daughters the importance on moisturizing daily to help hold on to your youth as long as possible.The review sounds wonderful my issues are fine lines and crows feet lines around the mouth I would love to win this but plan on coming back to this site.Hopefully I can find what I want I am interested in the new lip plumper.

  33. Thanks for the review! This product looks amazing. I’ve never had a facial but I’ve wanted to get one for a while now. I could definitely use this!

  34. Good review! I’ve been wanting a facial to open and clean out my pores. Didn’t know that black and whiteheads get worse.

  35. thank you for the review. would like to try out the 15% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum seems like it would be good.

  36. I’m impressed taht you said you purchased more of the product after the you ran out of what was supplied. I think that states volumes!

  37. I love good skincare which is one of the things I don’t mind spending money on. This line looks intriguing and I’m so glad that both you and your husband are liking it.

  38. I’ve never heard that about facials. I would love to give these products a try since you have had such great results. I like that the company will help you pick out the products that will help you on an individual basis.

  39. I really need to give this a try, it sounds so good for my skin as it is so dry and my face gets really oily!

  40. This sounds like great products! I am 26 and I still get pimples! I don’t know if i inherited or my lack of washing my face every night. I am a single mom so the last thing on my mind at the end of a day is my face. If i could see improvement on my face, which I haven’t with any product I have tried in the past, then I would probably make the time.

  41. I definitely need to try this, it sounds like it might actually help to keep my skin healthy.

  42. Wow this product is worth a shot because my skin is combo of oily and dry and hard to find something that works

  43. would really love to try this product. I am always trying to find good things for my body and skin

  44. Thanks for the head’s up.. I will look into this for my daughter!!!! ( I had never heard that a facial would open you up to ugly things…yikes…lol)

  45. I’m in my 30s and still get acne, like your husband I’ve tried Proactiv, Clinique, etc. and nothing has helped, I would like to give this a go, sounds fab!

  46. There are a lot of skin care regimes out there, and this one actually seems to be pretty legit. I’ll keep this in mind next time I need to buy new products!

  47. This looks like it would be the perfect thing for my skin. I have had acne forever and I have tried numerous things but nothing has worked. It would be really nice to win this to try it out. Thanks so much for the review.

  48. I am so glad that I saw this giveaway and have the chance to be entered. This is something I need, but I feel too guilty to spend the money on myself. I have an 11 year old girl that thinks she is 25, and 2 boys, 9 & 8. All three have ADHD. The wrinkles are coming

  49. This is something that I can get for my daughter who has tried just about everything to help her with her skin problem. Thank you so much for your review.

  50. Great review!! My worst problem area is my face. It’s dry everywhere except across the bridge of my nose, which is dry and gets these annoying little bumps that I don’t know what they are.

  51. Great Review of this awesome line. I’ve never tried an entire system like this but I’m sure it feels good to take good care of yourself!

  52. I didn’t know that about having a facial either! No wonder my skin has gotten worse since I have had a few. I guess I need to do something about it. Thanks for the great review and the information.
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  53. I could use a good skin care system now, I’m starting to feel like I’m getting old, and all I’ve been using is a basic cleanser and some clinque moisterizer, it may be time to step up.

  54. I appreciate all your detail & sharing of your personal experience. I’m impressed you got your husband on board too. I’m always looking for skincare help for my skin that forgot I’m not a teenager anymore.

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  57. I have a huge skin problem that effects my life major and to have a solution that can give me that beautiful skin again would be a blessing.

  58. This might be the best solution for my disturbing whiteheads & black. I didnt know that facials will open your pores forever. Thanks for sharing and im going to check vivant too.

  59. Thanks for the review. Dealing with acne and blemishes is such a pain. I’ll have to check out Viviant skincare products!

  60. I have aging skin and I have been getting several dark spots. This might be a product that would help me. Thank you so much for sharing