Snoring Solutions

Sleep, the stuff that dreams are made of. After a long day, there is nothing better than crawling into a warm, soft, cozy bed, pulling up the covers and drifting off to dreamland. Nothing is better than waking up naturally feeling refreshed, except that many of us are awoken by the sound of a chainsaw over our head. And that it is not a chainsaw, but your husband snoring. The sound can in bed itself into your brain, making it impossible to fall asleep again. Some people have techniques to silence their partner: a jab with the elbow or plugging of the nose.

However, even these techniques require you to wake up to administer them. And frankly they only last until the ‘snorer’ falls asleep again. So if your jabbing elbow is getting sore and you are looking for alternative solutions to help you stop the snoring, be sure to check out this blog. It is filled with anti-snoring solutions which can involve equipment such as specialized pillows, chin straps or mouth guards. These items, such as the chin straps, are often designed for people who snore because their mouth hangs open during the night. Many of us are familiar with nasal strips which are designed to keep your nasal passages open and encourage proper breathing during the night. The site also lists many lifestyle changes and natural remedies that might be helpful and offer a snoring solution.

Since alcohol and being overweight are two leading causes of snoring, adapt lifestyle changes that help you lose a few pounds. And find a way to relax and blow off steam such as yoga or meditation. Remember that snoring is not only annoying for the partner but it also can lead to sleep deprivation which can be a serious problem. Look at alternative solutions that will help you sleep at night.

*This is a guest post.

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