iPhone 5 Giveaway From Octa

Get a chance to win a 16gig iPhone 5 from Octa! Winner’s choice of carrier! Simply CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE ENTRY FORM. If you don’t see the form, make sure you hit the “Like” button on the upper right side of the page.

Giveaway ends November 5. US only. Good luck!


iPhone 5 Giveaway From Octa — 4 Comments

  1. My carrir offers where every 2 yrs you can upgrade you phone for a lower price. Well my hubby’s phone is used to help pay bills(work) so he got the new iPhone 2 yrs ago & I was to get mine this yr in July 12. Just before I was to upgrade my old, old, old phone he lost his. So guess who got the new iPhone? wasn’t me. So… I want the iPhone, plze. It would be my 1st i product, or I’ll be waiting for another 24 months. I know, it’s so sad.

    • Oh that’s definitely frustrating! Just when you’re about to upgrade! I’m also still under contract right now but I’m excited to upgrade in January. I told my husband I don’t even have to get the latest iPhone. I’m okay with just the iPhone 4 or 4s since it will be cheaper. I just really want to change my phone cause it’s always reloading and it’s just too slow.

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