Enhance Your Career with a Cisco Specialist Certification (Guest Post)

Cisco is the leading provider of IT certifications. Their career pathways allow individuals to become associates, professionals, and/or experts in a wide variety of subjects. Companies and employers treat a Cisco certification as a high mark of excellence and give jobs to individuals that possess one. A unique certification program offered by Cisco is that of the “specialist.” IT certified professionals and experts can take any of the available specialist exams within a specific pathway. The required knowledge is independent of the knowledge tested in other Cisco exams and makes individuals that pass the test exactly what the name implies: a specialist in a specific, advanced set of skills.

Individuals can become specialists in numerous fields, including routing and switching, data center, wireless networking, infrastructure design, express foundation, IP communications, security, and Telephony. Each field contains one or two exams that cover different information; in order to become a certified specialist, only one exam has to be taken and passed. Specialties in sales, solutions, design, support, and other roles are offered. Training (not included with the exam) is available, either through Cisco or independent websites such as TestsLive (click here).

Earning a specialist certification can be a career-changing event. Cisco and other IT companies are constantly searching for individuals that specialize in specific topics, in leadership and niche roles that general employees cannot fill. Becoming certified and having the knowledge and skills to demonstrate is a strong indicator of future success and reliance that will earn you a comfortable job position. Invest in a Cisco specialist exam and you will not be disappointed.


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