Lilla Rose Review & Giveaway

Lilla Rose is a company that offers amazingly pretty hair accessories. Their main product is the Flexi-Clip (see photo above) but they have other products such as hair bands, o-rings, bobby pins and you-pins. Instead of reviewing the Flexi Clip, I asked to be given the opportunity to review the hair sticks.

When I was in college, I always loved twisting my hair up in a bun and  securing them in place using chopsticks. The chopsticks I used were just the regular ones you use at restaurants. I just usually take those chopsticks home for my hair since I never really learned how to eat using them.

I’ve always received compliments from people when I use chopsticks for my hair mainly because they’re not used to doing it without using elastics to help keep their hair up. My only problem with using the regular chopsticks is that the tip isn’t really pointed — it’s actually flat. So there are times when some strands of hair get in the way of the chopsticks and get pulled out instantly. And most of the time, I wouldn’t be able to reuse the chopsticks because the strain caused by the strands had formed ridges on the tip. Reusing the chopsticks then would only mean more hair strands lost and a lot of pain.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to start using chopsticks again for my hair. I realized it’s been a long time since I last pulled my hair up using those so I went looking online for chopsticks designed specifically for hair. Then my friend Tracy posted on Facebook asking if anyone was interested in Lilla Rose so I went ahead and checked them out. Lo and behold, they have hair sticks!

I received the Black & Silver Dangle Hair Sticks for review. Here are some photos of the hair sticks when I tried them.
Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 2.18.27 AM
What I love about these hair sticks is that they’re so smooth and the tip is pointed so that it just gently glides through my hair no matter how tight I pulled and twisted my hair. It’s definitely way better than the regular chopsticks that people use for eating. This was really made specifically as a hair accessory. I also loved that it had the dangle thingy. I just makes the overall look more feminine. They have so many other styles for the hair sticks, even ones that don’t have the dangling thing. These hair sticks are available at the Lilla Rose online store for just $12.

Win It!
One lucky reader will get a chance to win a FlexiClip of your choice from Tracy (Independent Consultant for Lilla Rose)! Open to the US only to entrants ages 18+. Giveaway has ended.


Lilla Rose Review & Giveaway — 57 Comments

  1. I’d get a medium one, though I’d probably get a small one as well, in case. Not exactly sure where my hair would fall.

  2. I am thinking Medium or small. I’d probably end up getting one of each small and medium sizes for different hairstyles.