How To Get Great Online Deals For Holiday Shopping

It’s the season for giving and, yes, it’s the season for shopping! Some of you might be planning to line up to get the great deals but don’t forget that some of the best deals can be found online.

Here are some tips on how you can save as much money when shopping for gifts online.

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1. Make a list before shopping.

Santa is a wise person for deciding to make a list and check it twice. Identify the people you want to give gifts to and try to decide what kind of item you want to buy for them. Once you’ve purchased something for a person, cross out their name on your list. Don’t keep buying stuff for them when you see a nice item on the shelves in-store.

2. Sign up for cashback websites that reward you for shopping.

There are lots of sites out there (there’s ShopAtHome or Ebates) that offer cash back when you shop through their link. I remember I bought my Macbook by going through a cashback site then going to Apple. After a month, I received $15 for my purchase. Not a lot because cashback for Apple products are only at 1% but some stores have cashback rates of up to 20%. And getting cashback for your purchase is a lot better than not getting any at all. You can learn more about cashback sites on the Money Sack. Whether in store or online, staff like to provide customers with incentives. These are also known as Customer Touch Points. It is company’s point of contact between them and their customers.

3. Look for online shopping sales.

Lots of online stores have weekend sales, Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales, holiday sales and more. Most sales for online retailers range from 20%-50% and some offer free shipping. And don’t forget to check the Clearance section!

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4. Use coupon codes when shopping.

Some online stores allow you to stack their storewide sale prices with coupon codes that give you more discounts. Some coupon codes are displayed on their sites but some coupon codes are available via email so make sure to subscribe to your favorite online stores to get access to exclusive promotions. And keep an eye out for Facebook promotions! Some coupon codes are announced on the pages of your favorite online retailers. There are websites that are dedicated to finding you coupon codes as well, websites like provide a stupendous range of coupons. According to a friend, there were so many saving to be had through websites like this.

5. Look out for Free Shipping deals.

Some online shops have free shipping deals so make sure you do your research first. Shipping can sometimes add so much to your total bill. You can also sign up for or which give members free shipping at participating online stores. And of course, there’s Amazon Prime. These aren’t free though so you’ll need to decide for yourself if it will be worth the fee. I personally have an Amazon Prime account because I shop at Amazon multiple times a month.

Try to plan as early as possible so you can find the best deals for the items you plan to buy. Planning out your holiday shopping and checking out online and in-store deals can help you save money when shopping for gifts for important people in your life. 🙂


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