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gift wishlist

Do you have a gift wishlist?

Every year during Christmas, my friends and I organize a group exchange gift program, pretty much like Secret Santa. We give a gift to the person randomly assigned to us which makes the gift-giving pretty cheap because we won’t have to buy something for every single one in the group. What’s frustrating for me though is the fact that whenever I need to fill out the wishlist, I always forget what items I want. All year long I would see stuff I want but once I need to remember them, I’d forget. So it’s great that there’s Shopcade.

Shopcade helps you create gift wishlists easily!

Just last week, I posted about Shopcade being such a great help whenΒ you need to remember stuff you’d love to own. It’s a site with a huge list of products from clothes to perfumes to makeup to electronic gadgets to home furniture! It lets people shop and recommend products and get rewarded. What’s more, whenever you buy via other Shopcades or others buy via yours, you both get rewarded with real cash! Here’s a screenshot of my Shopcade board:

gift wishlist

I had so much fun looking at the products on their list! My gift wishlist board is organized into the types of products and I think my favorite would be the shoes category! Soooooo many pretty and classy shoes they have there! Some of them are really expensive but you’ll be surprised at how some items are just so marked down! Like this dress which is only $9!
gift wishlist

I’ll probably be organizing my gift wishlist board almost everyday just to make sure I don’t miss anything nice!

I’ll also need to create a list for my hubby too so that anyone who wants to give us gifts can just go through Shopcade. What makes it even better is that I can earn when people shop from there! Create your gift wishlist now!

gift wishlist

*This post is brought to you by Shopcade via Moms With Voices Media. I was compensated for sharing my experience. Regardless, all opinions are my own.


Create Your Gift Wishlists & Shop With Shopcade! — 271 Comments

  1. Love the idea of Shopcade! I often think of things I want to buy, and then can’t remember once I have some gift cards saved up.

  2. Sounds like a great place to categorize the items you want to purchase in the future as well as create coordinating outfits.

  3. Lots of neat stuff, but need to find a new job before I can buy anything… laid off now πŸ™

  4. I love this concept! I am constantly finding things I love and adding them to the favorites on my computer and losing track of them! Shopcade will be incredibly helpful!

  5. I already added a bunch of stuff to my wishlist! Now to find money to buy them.. thats the trick lol ;P

  6. This is very awesome!! Never seen anything like it. I love things that not everyone has.

  7. This is a good idea! Would make it a lot easier to shop for those people on my list that already have everything, LOL!

    • I clicked the try it now link and this is the page I got The Offer You’re Looking For Has Reached It’s Limit Or Is No Longer Available At This Time.

  8. I really like this site, it has so many great ideas, and thank you for the giveaway!!!

  9. It really sounds like a great idea. I would have to spend a lot of time looking and choosing. It’s a giant wish list.

  10. Shopcade is like Pinterest or Goodreads, but for people who love fashion… I LOVE IT!

  11. first time I have heard of shopcade, I finally understand pinterest and now this lol.

  12. Love the accessories and shoes. A girl can never have too many of either one πŸ™‚

  13. This sounds like a great idea. That way when people ask you what you want for Christmas or your birthday you can just direct them to here! Thanks!

  14. A great idea. Many times I have liked something, put it in a cart and forgot what site it was on.

  15. Shopcade has really nice items for sale! I have never heard of this site, but I really love the items. I will be taking a look around!

  16. Ohmygoodness, As a mom trying to make ends meet I need a site like this to help me afford clothes that make me look like a mom not trying to make ends meet lol

  17. This is a great idea. I have the same problem in that there are lots of stuff on my wish list and yet, when the time comes for gift exchanging, my mind goes blank.

  18. this is a great site and good idea. Will be checking them out

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  19. They look like they have alot of mercnandise to choose from. I have never heard of them though.

  20. Too much stuff. I would be overwhelmed! I think it is disorganized with stuff all over the place, like pinterest. I guess I’m too old to keep up with that kind of format.

  21. I love the idea of the boards and I didn’t know you could do that on shopcade. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Shopcade is a great idea! A lot of fun to look through. Has me thinking about what I would do. Thanks for all the giveaways. Lots of fantastic items. Really like the Glass bags!