Cupcakes in Push Up Pops: CakeShooters Review

cupcakes in push up pops

Cupcakes in Push Up Pops: CakeShooters Review

What exactly are CakeShooters? CakeShooters are basically cupcakes in push-up pops. The push up pops are filled with perfect cake-to-icing ratio and are available in different flavors and colors. They’re more portable than a slice of cake or cupcake and are packaged in a patented plastic cylinder push-up contraption that makes them easy to eat without as much mess as when you’re eating a traditional cupcake in paper holders.

CakeShooters come in more than 20 different cake and icing combinations (custom coloring available) and are available in Vegan and Gluten-Free. You can customize it with your logo or event graphic so the cupcakes in these push up pops can be great as party favors (baptisms, birthdays, weddings, etc). They ship nationwide so you can avail of these wherever you are in the US!
cupcakes in push up pops

I received 6 cupcakes in push up pops for review here on BayAreaMommy.

I was very excited to taste all of them because I love sweets and I love cake! And there’s also this excitement brought about by the fact that I’ve never tried eating a cupcake in a push-up pop before.

Of the 6 flavors I received, my favorite is the chocolate cake. It was mmmm-yummy! The combination of the chocolate cake and the chocolate icing was just perfect. It’s not the type of cake that’s too sweet. It’s just the right level of sweetness that makes you crave for more. I also received other flavors like the pina colada, yellow raspberry swirl, omg, and sprinkles.

cupcakes in push up pops

Since the CakeShooters are packed with so much cake and icing, the icing on top with the sprinkles usually sticks to the cover when you take it out. It’s not too much of a problem though since you’d still be able to taste the delicious icing. I’m actually craving for it now that I’m thinking about it!

I actually received the CakeShooters twice. But the first time it was sent, there was something wrong with the shipping and handling so I emailed them and told them about it. I appreciate that they were really nice and thankful because I told them about it. They got back to me right away and told me that another set of these cupcakes in push up pops will be sent to me. Talk about excellent customer service!

So whether you’re having an event or you just really want some cake at home, CakeShooters is definitely something you should try for your yourself!

BUY IT! Cupcakes in push up pops from CakeShooters are available at


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  1. What a great idea! These would make less mess and they’re cute too. I want to get some of those to try.

  2. I love these. The idea is so cute, that I made some for the neighbors kids. They really enjoyed the treat.

  3. This is such a clever idea. I like cupcakes, but not all of crumbs. This is a much neater way to serve and eat them.

  4. WOW! Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Cupcakes in Push Up Pops: CakeShooters! To be honest, I’ve never heard of these until now! These are really very neat! What a different type of idea! This is something that the kids would love! Of course, they love the ice cream push up pops, so why wouldn’t they love the cake push up pops? This is one of those things that you stop and say “why didn’t I think of that!” You didn’t mention a price. Are they expensive? I guess I’ll have to check these out! Thanks for sharing your fantastic review,the pictures, and your personal and professional information on Cupcakes in Push Up Pops: CakeShooters Review with all of us! You know that I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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  5. This is the first I’ve seen these creations – cool I love them!!! I have to keep a lookout for them in the stores!!

  6. These remind me of the orange push up pops that I used to get from the ice cream truck when I was a kid.

  7. Well they look delicious! I wonder how come I never find these in the stores,I would love to give these a try for myself.