When Feeding Infants Is A Challenge: Bottle Snugglers Review

feeding infants

When Feeding Infants Is A Challenge: Bottle Snugglers Review

Sometimes, feeding infants can be such a challenge. Have you ever needed to take a phone call or write something down but couldn’t because you’re holding your baby on one arm and your baby’s bottle on the other? I can’t count the many times I’ve been in that kind of situation especially when my son was smaller and didn’t know how to hold a bottle on his own!

What do people do when they need to do something really important or urgent while feeding infants?

I used my chin as I’m sure a lot of you have done too. Well, let me introduce to you this new product I’ve discovered – Bottle Snugglers!

Bottle Snugglers were created for those situations when you need a free hand to do something else while feeding infants so you don’t have to hold your baby’s bottle. They come in 4 designs: Precious Puppy, Cuddly Cow, Pinky Pig and Charming Teddy Bear.

feeding infantsfeeding infants
feeding infantsfeeding infants
I received the Cuddly Cow Bottle Snuggler for review here on Bay Area Mommy. Although my son already knows how to hold his bottle up when feeding, there are still some times when he needs help in getting the right angle especially when he’s finished up most of his milk and the remaining milk couldn’t get to the bottle nipple because it need to be propped up more. So I’m glad I had the Bottle Snuggler with me.

feeding infantsfeeding infants
The Bottle Snuggler has elastic bands where you insert the bottle BEFORE feeding your little one. Just slide it onto the lower end of the bottle. Feed your baby then once he/she is comfortable with the angle of the bottle, you may now slide the animal base under it. Just make sure that the velcro on the band meets the velcro on the animal base so it doesn’t fall. You can just adjust in case you need to change the angle. Once that’s done, then you have a free hand to do whatever t is that you need to do. Just a precaution though: you’re not supposed to leave baby unattended in case of choking!

Now aside from the main function of keeping your baby’s bottle at an angle without you having to hold it, they also function as, obviously, toys for your little one. Their ears and tails are crinkly and there’s an area near the back legs that squeaks.  My son couldn’t keep his hands off the Cuddly Cows ears cause for some reason, my baby loves being able to produce sounds (read: noise)! LOL

feeding infants
So I can say that the Bottle Snugglers are actually toys with function. It’s something that both you and baby will love! Perfect as a baby shower gift! Perfect for parents of multiples! Now you can imagine a less stressful time when feeding infants!

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BUY IT! If you think Bottle Snugglers can help you with the challenge of feeding infants, you may purchase directly from www.bottlesnugglers.com.

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  1. I have never seen this product before!! This is great!! What a neat idea! I wish I had this for my first born! I love how it is multi functional too…great toy as well :)

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