BLOGGERS: CommentLuv Premium Only $21!!! Down From $97!!!

CommentLuv is having an Anniversary Relaunch Sale starting today! 

If you don’t know what CommentLuv is, it’s a WordPress plugin that rolls 8 premium plugins into one. Expert bloggers consider this as one of the best plugins out there for WordPress. I’ve actually been stalking this plugin for months now but I just couldn’t afford it since the regular price is $97!

Included in the CommentLuv Premium version are the premium versions of the following plugins: CommentLuv, Growmap AntiSpam Plugin, TwitterLink, KeywordName, ReplyMe, and more.

But don’t worry! Since they’re celebrating their 1st year anniversary, they’re offering this awesome plugin for a very low price starting at $21! The price increases by a $0.01 for every 5 sales and when I purchased it earlier this morning (read: as soon as I woke up), it was already $21.54 with 1 sale left before the price goes up to $21.55. As of writing, it’s at $21.58 with 3 sales left at that price point.

So definitely, now is a great time to purchase this plugin!

Not sure if you want to purchase? Check out the video here.


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BLOGGERS: CommentLuv Premium Only $21!!! Down From $97!!! — 3 Comments

  1. Wow what a great savings! I hope that a lot of bloggers were able to take advantage of this sale.