A “Thank You” From The Bottom Of My Heart

Thank you

Since 2012 started, I’ve been hosting and organizing group giveaway events on my blog. The kind where there’d be a lot of bloggers pitching in to purchase a big prize such as an iPad, or the free ones where I look for a sponsor who would pay for the prize and gather around 100 bloggers to promote the giveaway.

It’s hard work. In the case of paid giveaways where bloggers pitch in a certain amount of money so we can buy the prize, it’s really hard to gather enough bloggers to make sure the cost of the prize plus tax and shipping as well as advertising. Especially because a lot of bloggers are cutting down their budget when it comes to joining group giveaways. Money is tight these days so we just need to choose which events we really want to join.

In the case of company-sponsored giveaways, money isn’t a problem because the company would be paying for the prize. But are company-sponsored giveaways easier to organize? Most definitely not! Most of the time, it’s even more difficult because before you can make a decision, you still need to consult the company. And there are times when a company’s request might not be very easy for the blogger organizing the event, and sometimes, for the bloggers participating.

Aside from the planning part of the giveaway, there are still some tasks for when the giveaway starts. I need to check if every single blog that signed up actually posted the giveaway. I need to email those who were unable to post so they can get their posts up, otherwise their links would be removed. I need to check if all the links or tasks in the Rafflecopter are working. And I need to address every single issue.

Once the giveaway is over, the winner needs to be picked and verified. Might I say that verifying entries isn’t exactly easy because it does take time. It’s especially not helping if the winner’s profile is set to private. And it’s definitely such a hassle if a winner doesn’t reply to the email within 48 hours because that would mean another round of picking and verifying (and if there’s a sponsor, I’ll need to verify things on their end too!).

Anyway, this post isn’t a really rant. I just wanted to describe how stressful it can get to host a group giveaway.

But you know, when a giveaway I organize is well-received, when readers express their appreciation for whatever’s going on at my blog, it makes everything worth the stress.

So I want to thank every single one of you who entered the iPad May-nia giveaway sponsored by BeeSavy! We had a total of 244,748 entries! Yay! A big number considering that we had a mandatory signup as an entry! The winner has been picked and verified. He has also responded to my notification email within 1 hour. His name is Dani V from Maryland!ย 

To everyone of you who continue to enter my giveaways here on Bay Area Mommy, thank you soooo much! Thank you for all your “thank yous” in the comments. I may not be able to respond to those thank yous one by one but please know that simply leaving a comment on my blog means so much to me. Your simple thank you gives me the drive to offer more giveaways! It encourages me to go on with what I’m doing even when it gets too stressful.

A lot of you have given me ideas as to what kind of prizes you want to see more and I will try to give you those kinds of giveaways.ย Again, thank you so much!

Have I said thank you enough? ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. I can just imagine all the time consumed in doing this. I give all you bloggers alot of credit. I really appreciate all you do. Thank you for sharing so we get a little peak at what you do

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