Review: Slice Safety Cutter

I have been couponing for about 6 months now and I’ve been collecting coupon inserts and clipping every single one. I have 2 pairs of scissors: a small one and a big one.

I must say that clipping coupons is, at times, tiring and, most of the time, dangerous especially because I have a baby. But now, I don’t have to worry about it being tiring and dangerous because I had the opportunity to try the SLICE Safety Cutter – great for couponers!

The Slice Coupon Cutter is not just for coupons. You can cut a lot of things with it including newspaper articles, recipes and plastic packaging among others.

What I most like about this is that you can’t cut your skin with it. It’s sooo safe to use! And I did exactly what this photo above shows! Now you can ask your children to help you clip your coupons without worrying about them cutting themselves.

Aside from it being really safe to use, it’s so handy! You can slip it into your wallet or keep it on your keychain together with your keys and loyalty cards since it has a key-ring. Perfect for last-minute coupon clipping at the grocery store!

Product features:
– A safe substitute for scissors.
– Perfect for scrap-booking, clipping recipes, coupons and news articles, removing shrink-wrap, opening CDs, DVDs, and plastic packaging, and more
– Includes a built-in magnet and key-ring hole
– Ceramic blade lasts longer than steel
– Stays sharp and never rusts
– Built-in magnet and key-ring hole
– Finger-Friendly™ Design
– For left- and right-handers

Buy it now for $5.99!

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