Bryton Pick Review

I was given the opportunity to receive the Bryton Pick – an amazing new product that pretty much works like dental floss but is much much better.

Bryton Pick

The Bryton Pick is a discreet alternative for people who are unable to floss. It is string-free, portable and reusable for up to 30 days. The stainless steel material is so thin and flexible that it’s easy to floss anytime and anywhere. It is designed so you can use it after every meal and it comes with a credit-card-sized carrying case so you can just slip this in your wallet and floss anywhere you are.

When I first used the Bryton Pick, I needed to stand in front of a mirror as this is what the instructions say. I just slipped the edges in between my teeth and pulled it out. It was kind of difficult to use it at first especially because I got so used to the regular dental floss or floss picks. But after using it regularly after every meal, it became really easy and effective.

The Bryton Pick is very helpful for me especially because I have uneven teeth and there are a couple of spaces where food always gets stuck. Thing is, I love meat and they always just find their way into those spaces!

Thank heavens for Bryton Pick, I don’t even need to look in the mirror anymore. I simply get my Bryton Pick from my wallet, slip it in those spaces and voila! I can smile as wide as I want to because I’m not worried that something is stuck between my teeth!

Next time you eat out, carry this with you to avoid any awkward you-got-food-stuck-between-your-teeth moments because it’s so discreet and easy to use.

You also get to do away with the awkward believe-me-I-floss-after-every-meal moment with your dentist because they will definitely see the difference Bryton pick will make in your dental health!

Check this out at the official site of Bryton Pick to see the other advantages of using this product.


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