Enter To Win 250 Business Cards!

I have partnered with UPrinting.com to bring you this great giveaway for 250 business cards!

UPrinting is a socially-responsible printing company that offers various products such as business cards, stickers, invitations and postcards among many others. As a socially-responsible company, they offer partnerships with non-profit organizations. They have an easy-to-use interface that helps the user to fully customize whatever product they will be purchasing from the website. What I really like about their service, specifically the business cards, is that you can opt to have it die-cut in different ways instead of just the usual square cuts.

Now you can experience UPrinting’s services for free through this giveaway! Enter to win 250 die-cut business cards!

Please note that readers who have already won the same print giveaway from UPrinting in the past six months will not be eligible for the prize. I have included many options as entries for this giveaway. None are mandatory but you are required to do at least 2 things for UPrinting.


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